Top Endurance Supplements

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Top Endurance Supplements Ingredients

Whether you’re an athlete, fitness enthusiast or new to working out, you are probably on the look out for ways to increase your endurance in the gym.
There are several products that one can use to accomplish this, and this article will give you a brief overview of each. The […]

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Glycogen and Athletic Performance

by Richard Wang, MPH 

It is well known that prolonged and sustained high intensity exercise causes glycogen depletion in individuals. As a result, the macro nutrient intake for active persons and athletes must be dramatically different from those who are sedentary. This article will provide a brief overview of glycogen and […]

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Turkey Tail Mushroom for Immune Support

The popularity of medicinal mushrooms in the United States has increased significantly in the past three decades – mostly due to the renewed interest in natural and herbal medication.
This curiosity has stimulated new research and peer reviewed published studies on herbs & mushrooms such as the turkey […]

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Without a doubt, CrossFit fans should aim for “real food” for their primary nutritional objectives. However, getting those incremental gains and seeing those true results is also pivotal to all CrossFitters. There’s no need to wonder and guess if you’re receiving the necessary nutrients through the use of nutritionally aligned supplementation.

Follow this guide of […]

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Happy New Year everybody! We wanted to start 2014 with a fresh new look at the importance of sleep!

Sleep is an extremely important part of every soldier’s training; without sufficient sleep your body won’t have the necessary time for muscle cell growth and repair. In fact, when you sleep, growth hormone is produced and […]

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Living in a world that is dominated by a constant busy schedule, people are neglecting the most essential part in human health. People are constantly drinking coffee and energy drinks to make time to complete work, staying up late to complete homework and are simply just not getting the adequate amount of sleep that is […]

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Ever wonder if you’re getting enough sleep? While the National Institutes of Health suggests that the average adult needs less than seven hours of sleep per night – and you’d probably be okay going about your day with just that – you’d probably feel a lot better and be a whole lot healthier if you […]

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During the post workout and recovery phase, muscles are severely damaged and inflamed which makes it difficult to continue on to your next workout and even perform your normal every day duties. Getting out of bed can sometimes be torturous and painful and even something simple as kneeling down to tie your shoe can become […]

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